Free Online Shared Expense Tracking and Bill Management

Welcome to Shared Living Space. This free site is dedicated to providing simple services for groups of people living together. Currently the site allows users to track shared expenses, manage bills, and keep a record of money owing. Shared Living Space has been designed for flatmates, roommates, housemates and other groups of people living together. Users can easily enter in any bills, or other payments made on behalf of the collective, and the site will instantly calculate what all the contributors owe each other. It has been designed specifically with simplicity and functionality in mind. Users can log in at any time from any computer connected to the Internet to view a report of what is owing and add or modify bills. Users may also log in from there mobile or PDA to the new WAP access site! (Please see the access details below). It's very easy to sign up and start using it right away. To sign up please click here: Sign up. Already a user, then click here: Login

Demo the site

You can have a look around the site from one of these demo accounts:

Mobile Access

To access the site from your mobile or PDA. Open the Internet browser on your device and go to the following address "". Please note that you will only have to log in once from a device, after which you will be automatically logged in when you access the above address. Book marking is recommended. In order for you to use this mobile access site your device must support WAP 2.0 (XHTML MP / WAP CSS) and Cookies (most modern phones do).